Wednesday, 10 October 2012

October 2012 update

Well i thought to my self ... "Its about time i updated my Dj Blog Page" ... So here goes!

It's been a Very Exciting time in the Gothic Music Genre in 2012 with the emergence of  some
very high class bands and New albums. Now the band what has stood out to me (only my opinion)
has to be 'Angels of Liberty' with a string of high quality Promo's being sent me on a regular basis
and each time the Trax get Better and Better! What appeals to me about this band, is that the Trax
have a Big Booming Dance Floor sound to them, (check out - 'Talk about Nothing') that many other bands would just 'Die' for and for
one i just cant wait to catch them play their debut gig at this Novembers 'Whitby Gothic Weekend'
(it will be my first since 1998) Their debut album will be released around the same time and it's going
to be HUGE!! i kid you not!
  Also playing the same gig will be 'The Last Cry' who, just have to be probally the Best 'Live' Gothic band
in the UK at the present moment in time. Lead singer 'Andrew Burch' delivers every time putting his 'Heart and Soul' in to every song! With New trax like 'Broken Heart' and 'Falling Apart' ready to be released on
the New album some time in November 2012 also.
  Now another band worth checking out are 'Arcane Winter' who have just released their debut 'Cold Europe' EP, now this bunch are not yer average "Lets dress in Black and sound spooky band" Their sound
is very Late 80's early 90's Alternative rock but with a modern twist (think Killing Joke meets Every New Dead Ghost) with one of their Trax, taking a Huge swipe at the "Dress up once a year - so called Goths" infact the song in question, 'Bad Day at Gothic Rock' is just plain f___ing Dangerous with even the Punk
generations picking up on it with it's, ferocious guitars and Mosh Pit vibes!
  Another band who have been around for a while 'Grooving in Green' have just released their second album
called 'Stranglehold' and in my humble opinion is their strongest work to date, just about very track on the album is worthy of the Dance floor (Dj's take note) ... go check it out!
  The last band of note i'm going breifly talk about is 'The Death Notes' having seen the band quite a few times this year, i'm just amazed how good they are live. Focal point has to be 'Elaine' the lead singer, god what a powerful and emotive vocal range the girl has, comparisons with a one Siouxsie S, are obvious, but dont be thinking she's just a Siouxsie clown, far from it. Just check out the Track - 'Ghosts' powerful stuff!
  Other bands worth checking out are 'The Terminal Gods, Strapon Halo, Berlin Black and Rhombus, who have a New album in the pipeline and also a 'Live' album to recorded  at the 'Libary' Venue, Leeds December 1st 2012 (get yer self up there and make noise)
  The last word has to go out to 'Anne Marie Hurst' Ex 'Ghost Dance and Skeletal Family singer who has had her debut solo album 'Day of All Days' released earlyer in the year, if you like her in Ghost Dance, you're gonna love this album, with powerful trax like 'The Angels' and the emotive 'Your Eyes' being dam fine trax. Myself and fellow Nightbreed Radio Dj, Piers Sixx, also had the pleasure of interviewing the 'Gothic Legend' at her Nottingham, Dog House gig for one of our 'In-Conversation' shows, and i kid you not, how i held myself together with out reverting into a some kind of slush puppy fan, i do not know ...LOL
but it all went well.
   Well i promise it will not take another 9 months before i update this Blog
  Untiil the next time ..
  Cheers Dj Po :)

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Dj Po's 'Death & Resurrection' show Jan 2012

'Death & Resurrection' show January 2012

Well it's been a while since i got round to writing up a Blog and set list for my 'Death & Resurrection' show for 'Nightbreed Radio' so seeing that 'Nightbreed Radio' has now gone ON-DEMAND i thought i better get on and do something!

Set List Jan 2012

01. Suspiria - Love in Emerald (Remix)
02. The Death Notes - Rouge
03. Death Party Uk - She's So Hot
04. The House of the Last Lantern - Deusional Insanity
05. Dr Authur Krause - Dance Like Hell
06. The Last Cry - All You Gave Me (unreleased promo)
07. Vince Ripper & the Rodent Show - New Kinda Kick
08. Vince Ripper & the Rodent Show - Under the Wire
09. Angels of Liberty - Mars and Mineria
10. Minnie d'Ark - The Unoriginal Sin (A Gothic Fantasia)
11. Day in a Decade - The Hunted
12. Snake Dance - Under the Skies
13. The Damned - Is it a Dream (12" Mix)

Here's a few of my thoughts about the trax i played in the show!

Now there is a New Gothic Label in the 'Uk' 'Secret Sin Records'
I played 3 Bands from the label, Angels of Liberty, Minnie d'Ark and Snake Dance. 'Angels of Liberty' were my personal favorite New Goth band of 2011 and 'Minnie d'Ark' is certainly destined for bigger things, she has a craft of creating landscapes of the mind (Try listening to her trax in the dark) you will know what i mean!

Now Nottingham (as well as being the Home of all things NIGHTBREED)
as got some serious talent in the Gothic and Dark Alternative genre's and the 'Death Notes' are one of the New Breed coming from the city and producing some fantastic dark and spooky haunting female vocal Goth. Keeping in the Nottigham vibe flowing in the show, i added 'Suspiria's - 'Love in Emerald' track, still the best ever Gothic band to come out of the city and 'Death Party Uk's - She's So Hot ... Swamp Goth Rock best descibes their sound or bit like the 'Gun Club' from the 80's

The last track i want to mention is 'Day in a Decades' - 'The Hunted' this just as to be one of the most catchy Dark Alternative tunes ive heard in an Age! Go Check it out .. it's a future Dance Floor classic!

Cheers Dj Po

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Dj Po Set List Death and Reserection show

Death and Reserection show Twelve

01. Luxury Stranger - Empty Man
02. Berlin Black - The Only One
03. Virgine Dramatica - The Same Old Story
04. Peter Murphy - Velocity Bird
05. Shadow Dance - Last Train
06. Feeding Fingers - I am Brutal Little Boy
07. March Violets - A Little Punk Thing
08. Dr Arthur Krause - Dance Like Hell
09. Virgin Prunes - Wall of Jerico
10. Clan of Xymox - Delete
11. Spiritual Bat - Cruel Machine
12. Plastique Noir - Emerging Rats
13. The Cult - Nirvana

In this months show i got the chance to play a few trax that i could not fit into the last two shows. The March Violets are back playing live and they have released a EP and the few Dj Promo's from a new album coming soon. To be honest never been a huge fan but 'A Little Punk Thing' track is a nice little catchy tune which should get played by Dj's across the world if they have any sence!

Clan of Xymox have a New album out called 'Darkest Hour' if you can get past every song starting with bleeps and computer noises it's a mighty good album, the track i played 'Delete' is typical of the albums sound.

Luxury Stranger, have raised the bar with their New single 'Empty Man' it's a stormingly good Dj track, this band should be Huge!

I dont play to much old school stuff in my shows, but i wanted to remind people how good the Virgin Prunes were with their early version of Goth was all about :)

Untill the next time ...
cheers Dj Po :)

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Dj Po Set List Death and Reserection Show

Death and Reserection Show 'Eleven'

01. The Two Witches - Inner Circle Outsider
02. Plastique Noir - Rose of Flesh and Blood
03. Nightporter - The Sickness (Hate Mix)
04. New Zero God - Kiss the Witch
05. Merciful Nuns - Ancient Astronaughts
06. Peter Murphy - Transmission (live)
07. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Headcut (live)
08. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Running Man (live)
09. Scarlets Remains - Far From Paradise
10. The Razor Skyline - Sahara
11. Vendemmian - I'm Falling
12. The Realm - Fresh Eater
13. New Model Army - Vengence (live)
14. Altered Images - See Those Eyes
15. Acid Bats - R.I.P.
16. Midnight Configuration - Snow Blind
17. Draconain Incubus - Incubus
18. Ghost Dance - Grip of Love
19. 69 Eyes - Stigmata (Gothic Remix)
20. Soper Aeturnus - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
21. Strapon Halo - It's All Over (Kitty Electro Remix)
22. Plastique Noir - Emerging Rats
23. Reptyle - Heroes of the Working Dead
24. Sisters of Mercy - Ghostrider (live)

This edtion of the 'Death and Reserection' show is a 2hr special

I played two trax by Brazilian Gothic band 'Plastique Noir' this episode from their New Album 'Affect's 9/10 album, got the old school Goth feel to it but with that typical Darkwave sound that South America does so well. Anybody who calls them selves Goth should go check this album out.

Now the two 'Siouxsie' trax are from a 1983 Fan Club only 12" Vinyl release, so most of you will have never heard these live versions that did not make it on to the Classic Live 'Nocturne'album, cracking stuff indeed.

'Altered Images' always seam to get tagged with the 80's UK pop scene, but they recorded some fantasic Post Punk/Pre-Goth Trax, the track i played is typical of their none pop tunes, go visit their old albums you will see what i mean!

A Band to look out for future is Greece's 'New Zero God' they have been around in one shape or form for years but their New tracks are some of the best Post Punk trax this side of Australias 'Ikon' and the UK's 'Luxury Stranger' Good stuff!

Finaly a couple of the New generation comming from America 'Strapon Halo'and the 'Razor Skyline' go check em out they are good!

Untill the next time!

Cheers Dj Po :)

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Dj Po Set List - Death and Reserection Show

Death and Reserection Show 'Nine'

01. Beauty of Gemina - Sacrifice to the Gods
02. Virgine Dramatica - In the Presence of Frost
03. Funhouse - Star in my Heart
04. Uma Swan - M is for Fishhook
05. Himran Key - Solome Times
06. Le Modules Etrange - Breakdown
07. The Cure - Primary
08. Misery Lab - Fraud
09. Ankst - Schizophrene (NUL remix)
10. Ankst - Better Than Me (Midnight Configuration remix)
11. Keller Kinda - She Likes the Candle Burning
12. Faith and the Muse - Sovereign
13. Beauty of Gemina - In Your Eyes

Two Trax by 'Beauty of Gemina' this month, i forgot how good they realy are, 'Sacrifice to the Gods'is a brilliant single might start playing it again in my live sets.

Two Trax also this month by South African Gothic Rock band 'Ankst' who have released a FREE to Download Remix album called 'Documents' There is some Quality remix's on the album by some major players in this Dark Alternative scene of our's, so go check it out.

Now the 'Misery Labs New album took me completely by suprize, having not owned anything since the days of 'Porl Kings' Rosetta Stone days, the track i played (Fraud) is a good guide to the kinda of sound the ex 'Rosetta' man is doing these days, quality stuff.

'Keller Kinda' it just goes to show that there is Gothic evolved bands every where in the world these days, and this band fron 'New Zealand' are worth keeping a eye out for in the future, the track played (She likes the Candle Burning) is one of their more Goth type trax the other promos i have, tend to lean more towards the Electro side, but still rather good.

Next months show will be a special all about the 'Dark Waters' UK festival May 13th/14th 2011

Untill the next time Cheers

Dj Po :)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Dj Po Set List - Death and Reserection Show

Death and Reserection show 'Eight'

01. Fields of the Nephilim - Slowkill + Intro
02. Plastique Noir - Creeepshow
03. Luxury Stranger - Punishment
04. Balaam and the Angel - I'll Show you Something Special
05. Genetiks - Keine Neve Heimat
06. Play Dead - Walk Away (live)
07. Le Modules Etrange - Cindy
08. Killing Joke - The Great Cull
09. Die Laughing - Glamour and Suicide
10. Scarlets Remains - Circular Thoughts
11. Die Krupps - Iron Man (Remix)
12. Ikon - Hindsight
13. Star Industry - Sin

Some thoughts of Trax i played in this months show!

"Plastique Noir" i recommend this 'Brazilian' band for any of you out there, who like your Goth 'Old School' and with a twist of 'Death Rock' The song 'Creepshow' will be stuck going round in circles inside your head for weeks.

"Le Modules Etranges" This French Cold Wave/Goth band are realy starting to make a name for the selves and i've been playing the track 'Cindy'for around 18months now and it is 'Superb'

"Die Krupps" have not played their trax in quite a while and the track 'Iron Man' is typical of their early Industrial/Metal crossover material.

"Star Industry" Quality Gothic Rock at it's Best. If you ever get chnace to see them play live ?... Do so as they are rather good!

Untill the next time...

Cheers Dj Po x

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Dj Po Set List - Death and Reserection Show

Death and Reserection Show 'Seven'

01. Allzeit Dobermann - Killer
02. Violent Stigmata - Cut the Flesh Wires
03. Grooving in Green - Post Traumatic Stress
04. The Eternal Effict - San Diego (The Tragical)
05. Ending the Vicious Cycle - Touch Dispelled
06. Rhombus - Timeless and Elegant
07. Rhombus - Anywhere (Ginzano mix)
08. Experimentos en el Terror - El Ansie
09. Experimentos en el Terror - Pasarlo Bein
10. Hugo Zombie - On the Road
11. Daughters of Bristol - The Ave
12. Mercful Nuns - Nunhood (Extended mix)
13. Creaming Jesus - Preacher Man

Some thoughts on the Trax i played in this months show!

'Daughters of Bristol', if you like yer Goth to sound just like the 'Sisters'circa 84/85 this is the band for you.

'Experimentos en el Terror', Spains top Gothic/Horror/Punk band have just released their New album called 'Auto Destruction' the 2 trax i played are a good taster of the trax on the album, all the songs are sung in Spanish, but dont let that put you off, you will soon find your self singing along to their take on the Gothic/Horror/punk genre :)

'Rhombus' Fresh from winning Germany's 'Static Magazines' Best Goth band of the Year' These 2 trax are taken off their 'Nowhere EP' - 'Timeless and Elegant' could well end up as a future classic. while the 'Anywhere' track is already a favorite amongst many Goth Dj's

'The Eternal Effict'- 'San Diego' was a massive dance floor favorite of mine back in the 90's, one of those songs that will send shivers up your spine!!

Untill the next time

Cheers Dj Po x :)